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Old Homeplace
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John Henry Luallin and Mary Daughtery

John Henry Luallin and Mary Daughtery

Friday, March 19, 2010

California Gold Rush circa 1849-1850

The following letters were written by Levi Luallin to his family in Fulton County Arkansas after he left home around 1849 to seek his fortune in the California Gold Rush. An attached note explained the following: Dear "Alex Doris" typed these letters from the original handwritten documents. Doris has the originals under glass. They are still legible but would crumble if hand held. Levi was trying to help his mother. He left for the Great California Gold Rush in 1849 and was never heard from after these letters. Grandpa said they thought he was killed by claim jumpers. His spelling is poor but hand writing very good. Written in ink. He evidently was a good boy. His brothers were Henry, Jesse, George, Andrew, John, Alexander, and sister Lucinda (Aunt Cindy). Andrew and Jesse were in the Civil War. On side of the North. Both killed. Henry fought on South side. Grandpa ran off and joined the Confederate Army when 17. Levi joined a wagon train to go to California."

First letter written by Levi Luallin to his mother and brother, copied from original.

Indian Nation May 8, 1850

Deare and mutch respected mother and brothers. I now enjoy the pleasureful oppertunity of ritieing you A letter by wich you will find that I am well at present and have bin ever sense I left home for wich blessing I hold truly thankful to the grate giver of all good hoping the same like blessing. I have nothing of any grate importance at the present. We have traveled on torlable sense we got started from the little north forke the day I left home. I got to the big North. I rode threw the rain all the afternoon then I was waterbound one day on Sunday morning. I swam by beast by a swift and went on to the little North forke and thare I overtook the wagon. It couldn't get over ________ staid thare few days and then we all went on the little river and there one of Mr. serton oxen got poison and died. He sold the other one and boate two cows and they appear walk very well. I swapt off Old Lion and got a good maite for trge. Mr. Dukes the young man that started Salem with Mr. Serton backt out and went home. I swapt off doll to het another mare and give two dollars to boot and than gave it for Dukes oxen and he rold out for Iowa. We are getting along very agreabul. Your must excuse me for not riteing no sooner. I have a very bad chance to without stoping and let the wagon go on or got down the on the ground like I am doing now and write on my knee. We have past the state line six miles and we are now at Ft. Scot in the indian. We have not got in with a very large company yeat. There is twelve wagons in company at this time. The travel in small gangs as far as tha think tha are saft on the accouint there stock being less trouble to them. I have not seen nor heard of onkel Robert Luallin sense I left his house. I expect he went to Springfield and waited til he give me out and went on. I maide some inquirey for him but ther was so many other wagons joining I could not heare of him. I think we will overtake him on the way. there is abundance of pepol going to California. More than ever have went put them all together. As to the game I have not saw any of accouint. I will rite again the first chance. I suppose there is 3 or 4 chances to mail letters yeat on the way. I wante to rite me a letter and direct it to Stockton in California. Rite about August and rite all about particulars. Give respect to all inquiring. So nothing more at present but remain yours till death.

Levi Luallin

On envelope and copied from original:
Fort Scott, Missouri May 17, 1850
To: Mrs Lucy Luallin
Pilot Hill P.O.
Fulton Co. Arkansas

Second letter written by Levi Luallin to his mother and brothers copied from original:

California October 13, 1850

Deare and mutch respected mother and brothers. I onst more embrace this oppertunity of riteing you a letter to let you no that I am well at present for wich blessing I hold truly thankful to the grate giver of all good hoping when thease few lines come to hand tha may find you all enjoying the same like blessing. We landed in the gold mines the 20th of September. The wagon was five months and five days on the way. I was just five months to a day from the time I left home till I got into the mnies. We are twenty five miles at the Sacrament City on the Macaulma river. The mines here is not so good as tha are futher north about one hundred miles but tha oing to the weather being so mutch more pleasant hear than thar, we concluded to work heare thru the winter and then move up thare if we think best. These mines generely pay from ten to fifteen dollars per day to the hand when tha worke we are all working together. Mr. Serton and little Charles Serton William Roll and myself expect to worke together all the time and cum home together. We commenst diging about two weeks ago and we ;made from eight to ten dollars per day and we thought we was doing tollabril well for new hands. We have bin buildig as a house this last week and got it up and is now redy to go to diging again now and we think we will rake out the dimes faster. We have got a full set of tools to worke with and has got all our provisions all laide in to do us all through the winter. White four is worth 20 cts per pound onions 80 cts per pound. shoos is worth from three to five dollare peare boots from eight to twenty dollars peare. these is the prices in the mines where I am. The city price is just about one third moar after tha cary it truck as much as one hundred miles in the mines four is one dollar per pound others in proportion. tha was peopel out of California took four to hundred miles out on the roade and met the immigrants coming to California and sold it to them at two dollars and half per pound. Tha was glad to get for that. ther was a grate many that almost starved. In fact I have no dout but ther was some that did starve on the way before tha got to whar they coud git ary thing or suffered til tha eate so much filth that it causd thair death. Thar was numbers I saw on the way that was triing to by an beg together but them that had any at all had to share. Then som had to cetch frogs to liv on. We had plenty to do us cler through. Some plain to California but ther is no person can begin to draw any ideir about it till tha try it. To undertake to describ all the disadvantage of the road I cant do it but ther is one thing certin ther was hundreds and feald confident ther was thousands of persons died on the road this year. As to my part I fared very well as to being sick and I have enjoid good health ever sense I left home with the exception of about one week while on the road I had to be hauld three or four days. helth apearse to be tolerble good heare according to the way pepel use themselves. I think it is very good. I am very well satisfied with my trip at present. I oud not be at homme now if coud still mak somthnig but if I was at home and made as mutch as I do now I wood not cross the plains again not for half of California hardly. Getting hear is the worst. After a man gets hear he can mak fast. Ther is no dout about that. I dont feald any ways doubtful if I should have luck but that aganst the time I had set to be home (next line unreadable) With money plenty to do me. It is the best road I reckon in the world that is the best naturied road till the last about one hundred before getting to the mines is I believ the worst road I ever saw. We got the sight of snow on the first day of July and on the eight night from last ?? we run the wagon over snow but it was three feet deep and I have no dout but it was ten feet deep not more than twenty yard from the road. We was in sight of snow pity much every day thru July an August. I have saw places whar I coud pick little green twigs and glues with one hand and git snow with the other. This may sound strange to be so but it is very true. I will rite again before a grate while and mabe by that time I will be able to give the pictur of the country better. I want you to rite as soon as you get this letter and direct it to Sacramento. I am not in reach of Stockton and if you rote there is uncertain about me getting it. So nothing more at present but I remain you son until
Levi Luallin

Give my respect to all inquiring friends for I woud wish to be remembered by them all

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Luallin Genealogy

Welcome to putting the pieces of our history together. Two blogs exist for displaying what I've learned about our family name:  luallin.blogspot.com, contains lineage, and the lore, bios, pictures, etc. are at luallin1.blogspot.com.  This information is gathered from census, bibles, death registries, word of mouth, email/letter notifications, and perhaps some assumptions. 

The surname Luallin and perhaps Luallen is believed to be the phonetic spelling offered by immigration clerks as illiterate Llewellyn Welsh immigrants were processed. Often other officials documented the family members with their own spellings through dealings with the census and the civil war. The first Luallin I found was in the 1790 census in SC...he was from Prussia. I later found family in Ashe county NC, TN, and VA.

The purpose of this blog is to show what we have discovered through talking to other family members and share information. This is a good way to show lineage, pictures, and interesting stories we know. Facebook has a group site for the name under Luallins, and we hope to share email addresses and any other data you may wish to share. Send me anything you would like posted. My email: luallinl@verizon.net, phone: (757) 499-4968

My name is Lloyd E. Luallin, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Starting In The Middle

The only lineage the contributors to this blog know of begins in Pilot Hill (Salem) Arkansas in Fulton County circa 1830 with Thomas Mathew Luallin, spouse Lucy Laura Cole. For this genealogical display of data, they will be considered the first generation.

We know that Levi left for the gold rush to California, and we have two letters from him to share. All of the other boys went off to fight in the Civil War and two survived; John, and Alexander, but George left a spouse and children behind, so that's where the story begins.

(Legend Note: 3G4C=Fourth Generation third child, etc.)

1G: Thomas Mathew Luallin(TN)  m. Lucy Laura Cole(NC) b.1809
2G1C: Levi Luallin(TN) 1822-1850, California Gold Rush

2G2C: George Washington Luallin(TN) 1830-1864,CSA Casualty m. Elizabeth ?(IL) b.1840 Left one child and a pregnant wife behind to join the war.
3G1C: Joseph M. Luallin 1858-1941. m. Mary (Molly) Hatfield TN
4G1C: John Custer Luallin 1881-1951 m. Gwendolyn MacArthur Bateman 1888-1977
4G2C: Homer Luallin 1883-1935 La Habra, CA m. Etta ?
5G1C: Elenore Luallin
5G2C: Richard Luallin
4G3C: Maude 1885-1948 m. James W Peak b.1887
5G1C: James Peak m. Roselyn
4G4C: Eva Luallin b.1889 m. Chester Peak
5G1C: George Washington Peak b.1915 m. Maxine
6G: 7 Children
4G5C: Madge Luallin 1891-1979 m. William Fries Spirit Lake, ID.
5G1C: Bill Fries 1924-2001 m. Helen Parlee Crane 1918-2000
4G6C: Zella Parlee Luallin 1893-2000 m. William James Crane div. m. 1944 Hubert Revel Dodd
5G1C: Helen Parlee Crane 1918-2000 m. Bill Fries 1924-2001 div. m. 1939 Mervin Bernard Lessner 1913-1967 Chula Vista, CA
6G1C: Stephen Layne (Lessner ) Fries b.1942 m. Odell Marcella Taylor b. 1942
7G1C: Stephen Layne Fries Jr. b. 1964
8G1C: Christopher Miles Fries b. 1989
8G2C: Spencer Andrew Fries b. 1991
8G3C: Alexander Matthew Fries b. 1995
7G2C: Thomas Patrick Fries b. 1968
8G1C: Blake Edward Fries b. 1990
8G2C: Jason Patrick Fries b. 1992
4G7C: Ira Emmanuel Luallin 1898-1963 m. Bertha Aberdick 1903-1993 div. m. 1926 Geraldine Dunham 1908-1972
5G1C: Mary Frances Luallin b. 1931 m. 1951 Kirkland Robertson b. 1931
6G1C: Scott K. Robertson b. 1957 m. 1979 Debra Ann Rasch b. 1960
7G1C: Trevor Scott Robertson b. 1985
7G2C: Keith Kirkland Robertson b. 1987
7G3C: Daniel Tyler Robertson b. 1991
6G2C: Craig David Robertson b. 1958 m. 1982 Mary Alice Walls b. 1957
7G1C: Heidi Kathleen Robertson b. 1977 m. 1997 Clayton Kirby
8G1C: Jack Burham Kirby b. 2006
8G2C: Madeline Alice Kirby b. 2009
7G2C: Christopher Kirkland Robertson b. 1984
7G3C: Nicholas Craig Robertson b. 1985
7G4C: Benjamin David Robertson b. 1987
6G3C: Bruce Alan Robertson b. 1961 m. 1987 Elyssa Kelly Uelses b. 1964
7G1C: Maxwell David Robertson b. 1991
7G2C: Jake Nicholas Robertson b. 1992
4G8C: Floyd E. Luallin 1899-1977 m. Nina

3G2C: Isabel Rose Luallin m. Judson Filmore Caple
2G3C: Andrew Luallin(TN) 1833-1864, Union casualty
2G4C: Jesse T. Luallin(TN) 1835-1864, Union casualty
2G5C: Henry Porter Luallin(TN) 1838-1864, CSA casualty
2G6C: Lucinda Luallin b. 1839 in AR, m. Allen Brooks d. 1969
Decendant: Gladys Warren Rader, Conway, Mo

2G7C: John Harrison Luallin(AR) b. 1847 m. Mary Melvina Daughtery
3G1C: James Franklin b.1869 m. Nancy Adeline Shaddy
4G1C: Veda Luallin
5G1C: Nancy
4G1C: William Alvin Luallin m. Una Waldrop
5G1C: Mildred Luallin married Joe Bob Jackson
5G2C: Willard Luallin Married Rose
5G3C: James Franklin Luallin m. Vikki
6G1C: Steve Luallin
7G1C: Scott Luallin + two girls
6G2C: Cheryl Janisse Luallin with two girls
5G3C: Willard Luallin
3G2C: Dora Lieuelza Luallin b.1871 m. Charles Henderson
4G1C: Agnes Estella Henderson 1897-1965 m. Langston
5G1C: Wanda Brown
5G2C: Beatrice Jinks
5G3C: Ethel Dickens
5G4C: Doris Wiseman
5G5C: Don Langston
5G6C: Charles Langston
5G7C: Dean Henderson
4G2C: Mildred Crain
4G3C: Russell Walters

3G3C: Wilbert Alexander Luallin 1873-1958 m. 1898 Theodocia Addie (Kizzy) Shaddy 1881-1960

4G1C: Ophia Gladys Luallin 1899-1981 m.1916 Clarence Herchel Oliver
5G1C: Laurence Oliver 1917-1919
5G2C: Janice Pauline 1920-2001 m. Franklin H. Coil, dec'd, m. Barnard D. Fidler
5G3C: Wilberta Fae b.1926 m. Irvin W. Clendenen.
6G1C: Richard D. Clendenen 1945-1967
6G2C: Kathleen Clendenen 1947-1947

4G2C: Carlos Herman Luallin 1902-1991 m.1924 Eva Mozell Waldrop 1902-1984, m. Gladys
5G1C: Hermon Ross 1925-2000 m.1944 Jenanette Arlene Moore d.2008
6G1C: Clifford Hermon b.1947 m.1968 Gail Tagg div.1975, m.1981 Susan Gene Kahler
7G1C: Stephen Anthony Hermon b. 1973 twin.
7G2C: Christopher Michael b. 1973 twin.
7G3C: Charles William Luallin b.1993
6G2C: David Leroy b.1952, m.1972 Lillian Jane Hargrove b.1951, d.2006, m.2008 Carla Joan Enyart Spevack b.1960
7G1C: Sara Jane Luallin b.1973, m.1993 Mark Cassil div.1998
8G1C: Isaac David Luallin b.2008
7G2C: John David b. 1975 m.1998 Molly Boatman
8G1C: Paul David Luallin b.1999
7G3C: Mary Elizabeth b.1980 m. 2001 Robert W. Romine
7G4C: Rachel Ann Luallin b.1982 m.2006 Nick O'Toole
8G1C: Jagger Warren O'Toole b.2008
8G2C: Dax Hendricks O'Toole b.2009
6G3C: Carl Victor Luallin b.1949 m. Carolyn Ruth Cayton halbert b. 1940
7G1C: Alden Leo Luallin b.1958
7G2C: Darlena Luallin b.1961 m. Robertson
7G3C: James Luallin b.1962
7G4C: Robert Dale Luallin b.1967
6G3C: Frederick Ross Luallin b.1955 m. Janice Kay Willingham div.
5G2C: Carldean Luallin b. 1929, d.1998 m. Joel Howard Walton
6G2C: Carla Dawn Walton b.1949 m. Richard Croft Sheridan b.1944
7G1C: Heather Linn Sheridan b.1971, Terrell Croft Sheridan b.1974
6G3C: Donna Lynn Walton b.1952
7G1C: Kendra Marie Walton b.1974
6G4C: Ronda Georgene Walton b.1955
6G5C: Venita Frances Walton b.1959, m. Larry Linares
6G6C: Joel Howard Walton b.1961 , m. Isobel Aguilar
7G1C: Christopher Michael Walton b.1977
7G2C: Patrick Joel Walton b.1980
5G3C: Charles Donald Luallin b.1931 m. Della Sullivan
6G1C: Lorene Eva Luallin b.1953 m. Bruce Craw
7G1C: Caleb Alexander Craw b.1976, m. Lahnie Russell
8G1C: Cash Dean Craw b.2008
7G2C: Kyle Kenneth Craw b.1979
7G3C: Jeremy Jacob Craw b.1983
7G4C: Justin Arthur Craw b. 1985

4G3C: Elmo Lester Luallin 1903-1957 m. Winnie Covey
5G1C: Elmo Lester Luallin, 1924-1999 m.1946 Dorothy Williamson 1922-1998
6G1C: Myra May b.1941 m. Walter Hill Jr. 1960, m. Ervin Dobson, m. Jim ?
7G1C: Kathleen Marie Hill b. 1961 m. William Lynch
7G2C: Brian Edward Hill b. 1963 m. Valerie
6G2C: Susan Jane b.1945 m.1964 Louis Frank Bissig b.1945
7G1C: Bonnie Louise Bissig b. 1973 m. R. John Montgomery m.2004
8G1C: Wyatt b. 2005
6G3C: Lloyd Edwin Luallin b.1947 m.1969 Linda Sue Parnell b.1950
7G1C: Amy Lynn Luallin b.1971, m.1994 Dean Delahoussaye b.1965
8G1C: Kiley Renee Delahoussaye b.1995
8G2C: Kasey Lynn Delahoussaye b.1999
7G2C: Benjamin Lance Luallin b.1972 m.2001 Amy Gardner
8G1C: Kyle Benjamin Luallin b.2002
8G2C: Gracen Elizabeth Luallin b.2004.
6G4C: Laurie Kathleen Luallin b.1950 m. Richard Bissig 1972
7G1C: Russell Bissig b.1975 m. Jodi
8G1C: Mia Rose b.2006
8G2C: Matthew Joseph b.2009
6G5C: Steven Robert Luallin 1955-2005

5G2C: Glenn Eldon Luallin 1926-2001 m. Juanita Lou Love
6G1C: Ruthann Luallin b.1949
7G1C: Chad Emery George b.1966
7G2C: Lee Anne George b.1969
6G2C: Glen Emery Luallin b.1952 m. Kathleen Blackwell
5G3C: Howard Kieth Luallin b.1931 m. Betty L. Helmick
6G1C: Lester Kieth Luallin b.1968
6G2C: Laura Kay Luallin b. 1970 m. Jack, 3 children
7G1C: Elise Kay Jack b.1995
7G2C: Kathryn Mae Jack b.1999
7G3C: Liam Keith Jack b.2003.

4G4C: Thelma Olean Luallin b.1906 m. Andrew James McCoy d. 1979, m. Skeets Kossard d. 1938, m. Richard M. Streaker
5G1C: James Richard Mc Coy b. 1925 m. Barbara Ann Torkeldson
6G1C: Jeffery Richard Mc Coy b.1966
6G2C: James Colin Mc Coy b.1969

4G5C: Buford Wilbert Luallin 1908-1935 m. Ethel Blanch Hunga d. 1946
5G1C: Beverly Jean Luallin b.1930 m. Clarence Walker Leslie
6G1C: Perry Walker Leslie b.1948
6G2C: Kenneth Eugene Leslie b.1951 m. Karen Marcille Cheek
7G1C: Darrin Eugene Leslie b.1971
7G2C: Jason Ryan Leslie b.1973
7G3C: Brent Adam Leslie b.1977
5G2C: Barbara Jane Luallin b.1933 m. Andrew Alfred Gregory div. m. Vern Porter
6G1C: Basil Eugene Gregory b.1953 m. Evelyn Stanley
7G1C: Aaron Thomas Gregory b.1975
6G3C: Kelly Lynn Gregory
6G4C: Wayne Eldon Gregory b.1954 m. Patricia Blankenship
7G1C: Wayne Eldon Gregory Jr. b.1976
6G5C: James Allen Gregory b.1956 m. Lisa Bower
6G6C: Gary Edwin Gregory b.1957
6G7C: Karen Yvonne Gregory b.1961 m. Fred Montalva

4G6C: Vela Olive Luallin 1910-1976 m. Paul Sherlin div. m. Jim Hawes div. m. Harry S. Wright b.1914
5G1C: Margaret Sherlin 1927-2007 m. Ed Campbell div m. J. A. Cranfield
6G1C: Glen Edwin Campbell b.1952 m. Denise Morris div. m. 1997 Teresa Blackwell
7G1C: Stephanie Michelle Campbell b.1974 m.1998 Matthew Mc Brien
8G1C: Derek Mills Mc Brien b.1999
8G2C: Dylan Michael Mc Brien b.2004
7G2C: Brian Campbell b.1978 m. Joccely Lacy
6G2C: Cindy Lee Campbell b.1958
5G2C: Leora Mae (Jackie) Sherlin b.1929 m. 1943 William Dee Smith 1923-1985 div. 1953 m. 1953 Charles R. Holden 1931-2001
6G1C: Daniel Dee Smith b.1944 m.1973 Betty Sue Thomas b.1947
7G1C: Angela Elsie Smith b.1975 m.2008 Michael Scott Ballard b.1968
8G1C: Zachary Scott Ballard b.1997
8G2C: Benjamin Wisdom Ballard b.2001
7G2C: Daniel Dee Smith Jr. b. 1978 m.2005 Melody Shea Goble b.1981
6G2C: Paul R. Smith b.1945, m. 1969 Josephine Mora b.1951
7G1C: Jennifer Melody Smith b.1970 m. Daniel Forster, div. m.1999 Eric Matthew Fagen b.1970
8G1C: Tyler Andrew Forster b. 1991
7G2C: Paul R. Smith II b. 1971 m.2004 Jennifer Marie Timberlake b.1972
6G3C: Billie J. Smith b.1946 m. Victor Hernandez div. m. Albert Johnson II div.
7G1C: Michelle Hernandez b. 1967 m. 1996 Michael Martinez b.1967
8G1C: Michael Martinez b.1996
8G2C: Mikayla Martinez b.1997
7G2C: Albert Michael Johnson III b. 1980
8G1C: Jasmine Johnson b.2000
6G3C: Toni L. Smith b.1949 m. 1973 P. Dan Anderson div.
7G1C: Tracy Anderson b.1970 m. 2004 Hayes Banegas b.1971
8G1C: Samantha Banegas b.1995
8G2C: William Banegas b.1997
8G3C: Aiden Cole Banegas b.2007
8G4C: Bryce Daniel Banegas b.2008
7G2C: Amber Anderson b.1978 m.2007 Eric Boice II b.1981
8G1C: Eric Duval Boice III b.2002
8G2C: Dillon Daniel Boice b.2003
6G4C: Gloria J. Holden b.1954 m. 1980 Michael George Patrick d.2009 div
7G1C: Amanda Nicole Patrick b.1981
7G2C: Charles Michael Patrick b.1982
6G5C: Randy Jay Holden b.1956 m. Julie Gresham div
7G1C: Jamie Holden b.1977 m. Paul Lutz div.
8G1C: Patrick Tyler Lutz b.2001
8G2C: Sara Evelyn Lutz b.2005
7G2C: Anna Holden b. 1978
8G1C: Brandon Thomas Iwata b.1998
8G2C: Olivia Macy Day Harris b.2007
7G3C: Carolyn Holden b.1981 m. Christoper Daniel Meddaugh b. 1980 div. m. 2008 Nathan Patrick Budde
8G1C: Jordan Dylan Meddaugh b.2003
8G2C: Jack Warren Budde b.2007
8G3C: Julian Robert Budde b.2009
7G4C: Matthew Holden b.1984
5G3C: Betty Hawes b.1947 m. 1968 John Allan Baird b.1944 div. m.1999 Bruce Edward Howland
6G1C: Tisha Baird b.1971 m.2010 Rodney Villanueva
6G2C: Aaron Baird b.1979
7G1C: Sienna Marie Baird b.2005

4G7C: Athol Taylor Luallin b.1912 m. Mable Bowcutt d. 1971, m. Dolores Drysdale
5G1C: Ronald Taylor Luallin b. 1941 d. 2001 m. Charlene Peasley div.
6G1C: Kimberly Anne Luallin b.1966 m. Max Quillarte div.
5G2C: Judith Darlene Luallin b. 1944 m. Thomas Ralls
6G1C: Lisa Michelle Ralls b. 1966 m. Benny Sotelo
7G1C: Analia Michelle Sotelo b. 1999
7G2C: Ace Jaxon Sotelo b. 2004
6G2C: Jennifer Luallin Ralls b. 1970 m. Randy White
7G1C: Taylor Michelle White, b. 2000
7G2C: Megan Nicloe White, b. 2002
4G8C: Albert Leon Luallin b.1915 d. 1979 m. 1938 Nona Mae Pearl Rothenbach b. 1920
5G1C: Terry Albert Luallin b.1940 m. Meryl Ann Deheimer 1964
6G1C: Robin Ann Luallin b.1969 m. Wallace
7G1C: Karina Rose Ashby Wallace b.1998
6G2C: Michael Damien Luallin b.1972, m. Mary Loyd 1996
7G1C: Michael Damien Luallin Jr.b.1999
5G2C: Linda Mae Luallin b.1941 m. 1965 Michael Wasil Levorchick 1937-2006
6G1C: Gregory Nathan Levorchick b.1968, m. 1998 Erin Yvonne Wrisley b.1968
7G1C:  Sophia Claire Levorchick b. 2000
7G2C: Nathan Gregory Levorchick b.2002
6G2C: Tanya Lyn Levorchick b.1969

3G4C: Minnie Arabella Luallin b.1876 m. Teague

3G5C: John Albert Luallin 1878-1967 m. Maude Ester Basom 1880-1972
4G1C: Junior (John Albert) Luallin m. Leah Miles Grann
5G1C: John Martin Luallin b.1942 m. Ruby Leone Davis
6G1C: Jeni Luallin m. Livingston
6G2C: Lynnettea Luallin m. Pierce
6G3C: Angela Lea Luallin b.
4G2C: Ester Finch (stepchild)

3G6C: Clara Elvesta Luallin 1880-1954 m. Lattimer
3G7C: Grace Jane Luallin 1883-1961 m. James Price Shaddy
3G8C: Mabel Estella Luallin b.1890 m. Clacton

2G7C: Alexander Stephen Luallin 1848-1913 m. Mary Builderback 1843-1869, m. Jane Anderson, died, m. Sara Judon Builderback 1851-1912(sister of 1st wife).

3G1C: Calvin Luallin 1869-1950 m. Emma Fances Mersh 1873-1955
4G1C: Doris Luallin 1908-1921
4G2C: Faye Luallin
4G3C: Mary Elizabeth Luallin 1909-1916
4G4C: Violet Luallin
4G5C: Thelma Luallin
4G6C: Clifford Luallin

3G2C: Henry Porter Luallin 1872-1937 m. Maggie Mae Warren 1877-1931
4G1C: Virgil W. Luallin 1901-1970
5G1C: William W. Luallin b. 1931 m. Nina Fay Keenan b. 1932
6G1C: Kathy Fay Luallin b. 1954 m. Floyd Ray Twyman b. 1954
7G1C: Rebecca A. Twyman
7G2C: Rachael K. Twyman m. Wayne Sheets
6G2C: Karen Renee Luallin b. 1956 m. Randy Meents
7G1C: Leanne N. Meents b. 1980 m. Glen cope b. 1979
7G2C: Erin M. Meents b. 1983
5G3C: Rex Luallin b. 1938 m. 1967 Bonnie Ikerd b. 1938
6G1C: Kim Luallin b. 1958 m. Randy Anderson div. m. Bruce Agee b. 1994
7G1C: Richard Scott Anderson b. 1983
7G2C: Kayla Nichole Anderson b. 1987
7G3C: Sara Ann Agee b. 1994
6G2C: Mark Laverne Luallin b. 1961 m. Suzanne Griffith b. 1967
7G1C: Hannah Michelle Luallin b. 1990
7G2C: Abby Melissa Luallin b. 1993
7G3C: Jena Macy Luallin b. 1994
7G4C: Riley Mae Luallin b. 1997
5G3C: John Stanley Luallin, b.1939.
6G1C: John William Luallin b. 1960
6G2C: Susan Kay Luallin b. 1964
6G3C: Carol Ann Luallin b. 1966 m. Edward Tate
4G2C: Ollie G. Luallin b.1902
4G4C: Obera Luallin b.1903.

3G3C: Allen Foster Luallin 1874-1911 m. Effie Legan
4G1C: Mary Othol Luallin
5G1C: Allen Luallin
4G2C: Estellene Luallin
4G3C: Ovid Alexander Luallin

3G4C: Baby Luallin 1878-1878

3G5C: Homer Marion Luallin 1880-1911 m.1900 Effie Turner 1878-1964
4G1C: Enid Luallin
4G2C: Mabel Luallin
4G3C: Alexander Luallin
5G1C: Donald Luallin
6G1C: Pam Luallin
7G1C: Erin Luallin
7G2C: Megan Luallin
6G2C: Jeff Luallin
7G1C: Amy Luallin
7G2C: Kelly Luallin
7G3C: Douglas Luallin
6G3C: Cindy Luallin
5G2C: Wayne Luallin 1928-2009 m. Jeanette
6G1C: Vicki Luallin
7G1C: Grant Luallin
7G2C: Jenay Lualliln
7G3C: Greg Luallin
6G2C: Roger W. Luallin b.1954 m. Tammi
7G1C: Shannon Luallin
6G3C: David Alexander Luallin 1956-2003 m. Judi Ann Petz b.1964
7G1C: Nicholas Luallin b.1986
7G2C: Brook Luallin b.1990
6G4C: Shelly Luallin m. Parker
7G: Scott Parker, Luke Parker, Thomas Parker, Elizabeth Parker
5G3C: Norman Dale Luallin .1930 m.1952 Donna Lee Jackson b.1934
6G1C: Larry Luallin
6G2C: Randy Dale Luallin b.1957 m.1980 Diane Cowan b.1956 div.
7G1C: Caleb Luallin b.1983 m. Jami Jacobs
7G2C: Anna Luallin b.1983
8G1C: Trinity b.2000
8G2C: Sage b.2005
8G3C: Vayda b.2010
6G3C: Gary Luallin
7G1C: Jacob Luallin
7G2C: Luke Luallin
7G3C: Zachary Luallin
6G4C: Lori Luallin
5G4C: Joyce Luallin
6G1C: Deanna Luallin
6G2C: Eric Luallin
5G5C: Richard Luallin
6G1C: Brent Luallin
6G2C: Betham Luallin
6G3C: Cara Luallin
6G4C: Trisha Luallin
4G4C: Edwin Luallin
5G1C: Dwayne Luallin
6G1C: Stephen Luallin
7G1C: Garek Luallin
7G2C: Stephanie Luallin
6G2C: Catherine Luallin, Elizabeth

3G6C: Virgil W. Luallin m. Ollie Gladys Price

3G7C: Thomas Elmer Luallin 1882-1957 m. Mary Saunders c.1885-1959
4G1C: Dorothy Luallin
4G2C: Anna Lee Luallin b. 1906
4G3C: Mary Virginia Luallin m. Polson
4G4C: James Luallin
4G5C: Elizabeth Luallin
4G6C: Calvin Lothaire Luallin 1916-1976 m. Irene Rose Bisama 1915-1988
5G1C: Lee Andrew Luallin 1943-1963 (Vietnam Wall Casualty)
5G2C: Gerald David Luallin 1945-1978
5G3C:  ?
5G4C:  ?
4G7C: Lauren H. Luallin
5G1C: Linda Jane Luallin b. 1950 m. Russell Leach

3G8C: Lucy Luallin 1884-1939 m. Garrett Scheer
4G1C: Mary Ester Scheer
4G2C: Edwina Scheer
4G3C: William Scheer